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New Moon Intentions Using Your "V"agina for Guidance

Step 1: Express Gratitude

Do you know that your vagina is your feminine GPS? She literally is God's given physical guide to tell you where to go in life. Have you taken the proper time to express gratitude for her existence. Many of us only acknowledge her when we are annoyed with the inconvenience of periods and peeing. Take this time to express her physical gifts and her spiritual ones.

Step 2: Ask For Guidance

Take a few deep breaths and relax. ONLY when you have completely relaxed yourself should you ask for guidance. Ask your Vagina what steps you need to take for your Highest good. This may seem weird at first, but trust us, God has given you this vessel for many purposes, this being one of them. If you need any form of clarity about what to do or how to do it, NOW is the PERFECT time to ask. *For those of you with a Yoni Egg, insert your Yoni Egg right after expressing Gratitude. If you need a Yoni Egg click to purchase the Yoni Egg that resonates with you.*

Step 3: Create Action Plan

Now receive, acknowledge, and express gratitude for your direction. Be honored that God has made you a woman with a VAGINA! Spend the next few minutes or hours planning your course of action. Remember to do so in the Spirit of pleasure and ease. What feels good to you? The tasks may not be easy to accomplish but they should feel good to you. They should feel right to your Spirit. Also decide that you will never neglect the power and wisdom of your VAGINA again. You will honor her with loving and luxurious living. Our New Moon Bath Herbs also are crafted with the energies of the New Moon Cycle every month. This month we used a delicious blend of lavender, peppermint, and hibiscus to make a deliciously soothing powder. To our Honey Dips on our Monthly Plan we are so happy to hear all about your manifesting stories, please keep them coming! <3

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