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Happy Juneteenth! Celebrating the Women In Your Family!

What is Juneteenth exactly?! Juneteenth, A Celebration of Freedom for African descendants in America, because as Frederick Douglas proclaimed, “What is the 4th of July to the Negro!” This year Honey Dip Yoni Spa is honoring Juneteenth via our Ancestral connection through our WOMBS.

What have we learned about our Womb Wellness, Woman’s Intuition, and/or Feminine Spirituality from the women before us? This will be an account of what I, Aneisha, curator of Honey Dip Yoni Spa learned and am still learning from my Mama, Michelle!

The first and easily most important lesson I learned from my Michelle is to choose a man of GOOD CHARACTER! Some of the best lessons I have learned from my mother came not from her words but from observing her being loved by my father. A man that takes it as his duty to provide for and to protect his family is what our Feminine energy must require. The masculine should consider it his pleasure to care and serve the Feminine. Many of us squeal at the thought of being served when it is truly our birthright as daughters of the Divine Feminine. My mother showed me how a man should honor my essence, as a woman, by allowing the love my father had for her to be a beacon of light for us. Freedom is shown and paved through every generation, and it starts with the freedom to love and be loved in your home.

Another beautiful act of freedom my mother allowed us was the conversation about our PERIOD. Menstrual conversations or lack thereof directly influence a girl’s self-esteem. When we are introduced to our periods as a sacred rite of passage this gives us the freedom to explore her beauty, which is our beauty. Our PERIODS are their own beings flowing and moving through us monthly, as poetry. It tells the story of how we served our bodies the month prior and gives us insight on how to better nourish ourselves in our upcoming month. We are lunar (moon) beings as women and this was a design of God, so it is imperative that we learn to harvest the energy given to us by our Creator. This is done by us learning our menstrual flow and how it correlates to the energy of the moon phases. The ability to further cultivate moon magic comes from the freedom of knowing that your period is not a curse, but the way your body cleanses, nourishes, hydrates, and rebirths (through childbirth) itself.

Let us know in the comments what you were taught by the beautiful women beings in your family? What words of wisdom were permanently implanted in you?

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