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How Chakras Affect Our Daily Lives? Part 1

By now the word Chakras has popped up a time or two when looking for crystals or any kind of natural tools for elevating your Spiritual consciousness. Our Chakra System is a grid that is referred to when referencing our body’s energy channels. It is about total personal alignment and is where the physical and the Spiritual meet. Our root chakra is cultivated in our foundational and attachment years. When we are born, naturally we should be able to bond with our parents and immediate family. We are seeking for who we are and what role we play in the family that we belong to. If we have a safe place to feel nurtured and loved then we will most likely have a well balanced Root Chakra. The Root Chakra in our body extends from the soles of our feet up to our tail bone. The color associated with our Root Chakra is RED. There are several crystals help with grounding energy if ever we are feeling flighty or unstable. The Yoni Eggs that we recommend for Root Chakra work at Honey Dip Yoni Spa are our Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz Yoni Eggs.

As we travel up our spinal cord we come to our 2nd chakra, located in our sexual organs and hip area, which is our Sacral Chakra. Our Sacral Chakra is where our sexual energy, which in this instance we are referencing our creative, life force energy. This does also include our libido. Our Sacral Chakra begins to form around age six when we begin to truly be aware of our gender. This is the time in which we start to understand gender roles in our society surrounding. Hopefully we are safe and protected during this time as women in our families and environments. However many women have experienced violations in Sacral development which can lead to stagnant sexual energy or overactive sexual interactions. The color associated with Sacral Chakra energy is ORANGE. We recommend Carnelian, Rose Quartz, and Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs for enhancing Sacral Chakra practices. This is also where Yoni Steaming has benefited our clients in their personal development. Honey Dip was created to center around the Sacral Chakra energy field for women. We also specialize in carrying waistbeads infused and blessed in Sacral Chakra enlightenment. You can schedule your Journey Yoni Steam Session or Waistbead Shimmy services on our site to begin your journey into indulging and blessing the beauty of your Sacral, Sexual, Life Force Energy.

As we establish the confidence of our Sacral Energy we will begin to feel the power of our Solar Plexus Chakra. Our Solar Plexus area is the area surrounding our navel. This is where our ‘gut instincts’ reside. Our Solar Plexus also governs our will power and the ability to ‘act, have action’. Confidence reigns supreme in dealing with Solar Plexus energy. For women this may be very challenging as we have been historically conditioned to use this area in ways that empower men in our modern society. We must understand that our Solar Plexus is a reactive, passive force and be completely accepting of that. Reactive and passive attributes have been vilified in our modern world where production determines value. Brute force is also praised in our communities and thus gives many women the notion that we have to consistently remain in our masculine state in order to be accomplished. YELLOW is associated with Solar Chakra energy. Exceptional crystals that are feminine in nature to help channel your Divine Feminine Solar Plexus Chakra are moonstone and larimar (a beautiful blue stone of the Caribbean). Honey Dip Yoni Spa carries stunning Moonstone and Larimar waistbeads to adorn your Solar Plexus Chakra.

We look forward to continuing our Chakra blog in our next issue. You may also schedule your Chakra Meditation Yoni Steam at! As well as other Chakra Intuitive Services. See you soon!

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