Your Business Your Voice

Your Business Your Voice

Have you ever wanted to open a business? Better yet, have you attempted to start a business and became so overwhelmed that you just couldn’t take it anymore? Business ownership is not for the faint at heart for sure. In today’s world of social media and international commerce it is so easy to be fooled to think that everyday entrepreneurship is sweet roses and sweet potato pies, but you guessed it, truth is, it isn’t always that easy. Add to that the pressure of having hundreds of thousands of followers in this world of… the most popular wins, and even the best aspiring business woman would consider herself a failure. Let me remind you and myself of something very important, “the gift” that we have to give to the world is so extremely special that it deserves to be shared. If your business is your passion project and your voice to the world, go for it! We have to start measuring success by more than how many social media followers we have. We even have to measure success by something more than how many material items we can purchase. As of today, October 2nd. I pledge and I ask you to join me, to start measuring success by how many people and how effectively we serve the people that need our healing. Yes bills are due and we have to survive but if we truly tap into our gifts and offer them in abundance and through abundance, we will be abundant. My favorite saying to myself is, “GOD did not bring me here to fail me.” Therefore I say to you, “GOD did not bring you here to fail you!” What is your passion and how will you use it to service others? Our passion is helping you discover and actualize your best journey. We would love to assist you… schedule a Chakra Reading or Manifest Coaching Consultation to get started!

Peace and Love Beloved Honey Dips,

Aneisha A*K*A Honey Dip’s Mama

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